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Why Become a Member of Alberta Homeschooling Association?

We believe in equitable funding for home education. Finances can be a barrier for those considering home education, and true parent choices are funded choices.

We believe that Alberta home education is over-regulated and we aim to hold the line on any additional regulation imposed by the government.

We believe in educational choice including self-directed education. Every learner and caregiver of learner knows whats best for that person.

We need you. When people join an organization, their numbers speak when government policy is considered. In order for us to have our educational choices recognized and protected, we need to ensure the government knows that we are not a handful, but thousands of voices. Homeschooling will be considered mainstream when thirty percent of the population does it.

We can provide a central space for up-to-date research and articles. Please contribute and we will post them here. We also welcome your photos.

Education is location specific. We cater to a uniquely Alberta experience.

We are a non-profit board volunteering and working hard to serve you. This organization will live on to represent future homeschoolers, long after we have launched our families.

We are inclusive and welcome everyone regardless of program, religion, family shape, race, sexual orientation, methods, genders, culture, ages, or employment.

Members will be provided with additional features such as a certificate, bi-yearly conference, and free monthly on-line get-togethers.

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