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homeschooling high school

Homeschooling High School in Alberta 2018-2019

Wondering how to home school your high school aged child? Your child can take on-line courses, or do Parent/self-designed high school and still acquire a diploma. This session is not sponsored by any school authority. Register for the 90 minute recording and find out everything you need to know! Presented by Judy Arnall, Homeschool parent of 4 High school graduates and Scholarship recipients and 3 who have graduated university.

This session is not sponsored by any school board so we can have a frank discussion.

Fee: $29.00 includes 90 minute recording and 15 minutes live consultation.

Homeschooling High School

Topics covered are:

The future of education

How high school works in Alberta

Choices in homeschooling high school

How to do Parent/self-designed high school course by course

Course descriptions

What is university like and what is the real scoop on homeschooling acceptance?

Special needs in high school

Brain development and motivation

How to access resources for Parent/self-designed courses

Reference Documents

Provincial High School Course Equivalents

High School Planning Chart (Black/White)

High School Planning Chart (Color)

Self-Directed High School Diploma (Home Education Regulations Section 6)

"On the recommendation of a school principal, a student receiving a home education program that follows the Alberta Programs of Study is eligible to receive high school credits if the student achieves the course standards and outcomes prescribed by the Minister."

Course Textbooks